The Lone Ranger Wellness Net
We're Hams Helping Hams!



Here's who makes this all happen!

Our staff and helpers:
Co-Founders: Bill/N4WBC (SK)
                              Charlie/AD4F (SK)
Fearless Leader: Jeff/AA4JG
Web Master & NCO: Bill/K4FLH

Our Net Controllers:
Sundays: Corey/W4ZHA
Mondays: Bill/K4FLH
Tuesdays: Betsy/KE4RP
Wednesday: Jeff/KM4RAA
Thursdays: Terry/KM4DPS
Fridays: Mhenly/KN4MEF
Saturdays: Jim/KO4MKP

Stand-by NCOs Jeff/AA4JG, Maggie/N4CFS